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Mare Services and Pricing 

Your mare is guaranteed excellent care, throughout their stay. All mares are treated as individuals & any special feeding or care can be organised. 

Stud Keep Charges

Grass Livery (zero rated so no VAT on Grass livery) 

  • Barren Mare £6.00 per day.
  • Mare & Foal £10.00 per day. 

Full stabled Livery during Stud season (plus VAT) 

  • Horse Barren Mare (over 14.2hh) £12.00 per day
  • Horse Mare & Foal £15.00 per day (stabled at night)
  • Mare & Foal stabled 24hr £16.50 per day 

Any special requirements can be catered for. We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements 


A block of 12 x 18 boxes. 

  • Superb post & rail grazing, with separate mare & foal paddocks.
  • Horse walker to enable competition mares to be kept fit if required

Sending a mare for the first time? 

Our procedure for new and incoming mares is designed with safety, efficiency, and value in mind. 

In order to understand a mare’s cycle, and therefore when covering will be safest and most effective, mare’s will be ‘tried’ or ‘teased’ with the stallion.

Once a mare comes into season she will be covered by the stallion.

At 13 days after the first covering a scan required for pregnancy, this being the earliest point at which conception can be recorded.

Two further scans will be taken after this initial scan in order to certify that the mare is pregnant and does not ‘re-absorb’ as well as the vital checking for twins, which thoroughbred horses are unlikely to deliver successfully.

These scans take place at 21 and 28 days after the first covering at which point mares may return to their owners. 

Below is a list of requirements that we insist you undertake before sending your mare: 

  • Mares must have had a CEM swab test any time after the 1st of January of the year of the covering.
  • Mares must travel and arrive at the stud with their passports.
  • Mares must arrive with no back shoes.
  • Mares must arrive with a good fitting head collar.
  • Mares and foals must be insured by the owner. 

Mares staying at Fiddes Racing Stud receive a number of benefits from our establishment including excellent, appropriate nutrition, plentiful grazing from Spring to Autumn and comfortable stabling during the Winter evenings. 

Our vet ????, from the ????? Vets practice, specialises in equine reproduction and has the experience and tools to offer first class care at Fiddes Racing. Please check out our Vet Scheme for peace of mind of costs and treatment during your mare’s stay. Normally mares are fed three times a day as well as ad lib grade A haylage. During the autumn they may have additional feeding and supplements if necessary. 

Mares they are turned out during the day in all-weather paddocks for exercise and to enjoy the fresh air. Mares are usually teamed in pairs so that they are relaxed and happy in their particular group. Our stabling is warm and comfortable with beds usually being made from Equinola and kept to a high standard of cleanliness. With these benefits and an experienced team of staff we endeavour to give your mare the best care possible whilst at Fiddes Racing.

Our approach is to fully understand the needs of our customers and deliver on our promises.



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