Maintaining the integrity and performance of car parks, decks and roofs

Waterproofing your roadways, car parks and service decks is an essential way to protect your investment and maintain your property in prime condition for the long term. NMC Surfacing can install proprietary mastic asphalt and resin coating systems that offer an excellent, durable waterproofing solution for all road and car park surfaces, as well as large commercial roofs.


To ensure the long-term waterproofing integrity of your property, we can carry out detailed condition surveys, reports and specifications. Our specialists have the resources to undertake large-scale projects and you can choose waterproofing systems with 10, 15 and often 20-year insurance-backed guarantees.


Car park refurbishment

You can appoint NMC Surfacing to carry out full multi-storey car park refurbishment, from surveying and concrete repairs through to full mastic asphalt and resin waterproofing, as well as anti-carbonation coatings and signage.


Service areas

If the waterproofing element of your service deck fails, it can damage the structural integrity of your property and cause major disruption to occupiers. NMC Surfacing works with some of the country’s leading property owners and managers to maintain and refurbish car park and service deck surfaces while minimising disruption to site operations.


Expansion joints

As part of our full waterproofing package, we can specify and install expansion joints for roofs, multi-storey car parks and service decks. This work can also be completed as a stand-alone service. We work with industry-leading suppliers and use the most advanced materials available.


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